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Published by DK Children

By Robert Winston

RRP: CA$10.99

About It's Elementary!

Elements make up everything around us - our computers, our games, and our food and drink. They make up trees and grass, cars and roads, and are the fundamental components of us, human beings. But what exactly are elements? What is their history? When were they discovered? It's Elementary! explores the chemistry of everyday things, from how blood needs iron to why helium balloons are lighter than air. Structure and headings based around easy-to-understand questions and statements, such as "What's a dog made from?" and "Inside and Atom" clearly organizes the material, while bold design and engaging stories work together to make learning about the elements surprising, fun, and understandable to kids.

It's Elementary! looks at this weird and wonderful side of science, providing a unique and exciting biography of the elements and making chemistry fun for kids.


"This book has everything I need." - The Guardian