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Published by DK

By H Keith Melton

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About Ultimate Spy

Ultimate Spy is the insider's guide to the secret world of espionage.

Peek inside the covert world of espionage - its history, high-tech spy gadgets, and aspects of spycraft from surveillance to assassination. This updated edition includes the latest on the revelations from Wikileaks and Edward Snowden and is filled with stunning photographs that show details of equipment such as spycams, bugs, weapons, and drone aircraft.

Ultimate Spy also includes information on what it takes to be a spy: how spies are recruited, the training they receive, and tricks of the trade. A glossary explains abbreviations of important intelligence and security organizations and defines many common terms used in espionage.

From early espionage to the latest high-tech spy equipment, Ultimate Spy belongs on the bookshelf of mystery lovers, tech fans, and anyone who wants to know how modern spycraft works.

Author Bio:

H. Keith Melton is a tradecraft historian and internationally renowned authority on espionage, and a founding board member of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. A portion of his extensive collection of clandestine devices and equipment is on display inside the CIA. Melton is an adjunct professor at the Interagency Training Center, and an advisor to US intelligence agencies.


"Fans of espionage fiction will be intrigued." - Wall Street Journal

"Anyone who loves the worlds of Fleming, Tom Clancy, and John le Carre will love Ultimate Spy." - Associated Press

"An excellent introduction to the darker side of international relations." - School Library Journal

"An amazing book based on [author Keith] Melton's extensive collection of spy paraphernalia." - Seattle Times