The Gardener's Year

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Published by DK

About The Gardener's Year

Learn how to plan a garden that is colorful and productive throughout the entire year.

The Gardener's Year is packed with timely gardening tips for a wide variety of garden projects, covering flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs, and trees and shrubs. Its vibrant galleries of what and when to plant, photo sequences of key techniques, and season-by-season approach make it accessible for even the most inexperienced of gardeners. Timing is everything, so comprehensive garden task lists outline each season's jobs, from sowing and planting to pruning and harvesting.

Whether you want to know how to grow vegetables for your own kitchen, create a stunning floral display, or foster plants that attract butterflies, The Gardener's Year provides the knowledge you need to care for your garden in any month of the year.


"An inspiring introduction for beginning gardeners, this wide-ranging book takes a chronological approach to growing ornamentals and edibles through the year." - Columbus Dispatch