Sophie la Girafe: Playtime with Sophie

Sophie la Girafe: Playtime with Sophie

Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$6.99

Book description

Playtime with Sophie is a delightful touch-and-feel book about best-selling teether, Sophie the Giraffe. With lots of exciting textures, this small size picture book is fun to read. Inside is a charming little story about playtime at Sophie's house, featuring Sophie and her five special friends. Sophie plays with each friend in turn, bouncing a ball, riding in a train, sailing a boat, stacking bricks, and tapping a xylophone. Finally, Sophie blows bubbles, and everyone plays together. Intriguing touch-and-feel pages make this DK Sophie the Giraffe book a perfect gift for a baby or a toddler.

Book features:
¦High-quality, padded, touch-and-feel format - makes a great baby gift
¦ Variety of soft, shiny, and bumpy textures to explore (one texture on cover and six inside)