Get Started: Preserving

eBook cover of Get Started: Preserving

Published by DK

By Susannah Steel

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About Get Started: Preserving

Start making your own jellies and jams with Get Started Preserving: The Basics, part of a new series from DK. This easy-to-follow, structured learning guide allows you to start simple and learn the basics of preserving, build on what you've learned, and then show off your new skills!

Get Started Preserving: The Basics teaches you the basics of canning, pickling, and drying your own fruits and vegetables. Begin with easy chutneys and advance to more complicated curds and marmalades as you work through increasingly challenging projects and learn new tricks and techniques. From pickled cucumbers to honeyed figs, Get Started Preserving: The Basics has all the delicious recipes and helpful step-by-step instructions you need to be on your way to becoming a preserving pro!

Clear, dynamic photography takes you through the preserving process for each project and shows realistic images of the final products. Visual glossaries help you identify essential preserving tools, while four interactive widgets give troubleshooting advice, expert tips, and ideas for further projects. A special widget on heat processing takes you through the steps and safety tips of preserving with high temperatures.

Perfect for beginners, Get Started Preserving: The Basics will have you making tasty jellies and tempting jams in no time!