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Published by DK

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About What's that Flower?

Stop and smell the roses with this delightful flower spotter guide.

Know your geraniums from your pansies! This beautiful flower identification book features over 150 flower species found east of the Mississippi along with a simple, visual approach to help you tell them apart with absolute ease.

With its compact, portable format, this nature book is designed for ease of use anywhere — ideal for nature lovers everywhere. Here’s what’s inside:

   • Similar flower species are shown together for quick comparison and identification
   • Fully-illustrated introductions explain the basics of flower identification — what to look for and how to tell the difference between similar wildflower species or specimens
   • Overview pages on main features give readers more detailed information on how to make an accurate identification
   • The at-a-glance finder section at the back shows thumbnails of the species grouped in an intuitive way for ease of reference

Calling all flower enthusiasts! Are you interested in identifying the wildflowers you encounter on your walks along the coast or in the mountains, woodlands or fields? Look no further than What's That Flower

Authoritative text, beautiful photographs and detailed illustrations show different parts of the flower — from the stem to the petals. Flower type overviews show you what to look for where and similar flowers are shown side by side for quick comparison and identification. 

It's the perfect flower encyclopedia for beginners, but also a handy reference guide for the more seasoned flower lovers.