Your Preemie Baby

eBook cover of Your Preemie Baby

Published by DK

By Su Laurent, Maya Isaaks

RRP: CA$9.99

About Your Preemie Baby

Having a baby is a life-changing event for all parents, but giving birth prematurely can present a complex series of challenges, decisions and emotions that can be both bewildering and unexpected. Author Dr. Su Laurent holds your hand and guides you through those tumultuous days, weeks and months of caring for your premature baby. A practical and emotional guide, it provides the answers to the questions you may have been too stressed or scared to ask and gives you the tools you need to parent with confidence.

The book is written by Su Laurent, an experienced pediatrician who has a wealth of experience caring for babies and their families in the NICU. It also features interviews with parents throughout, providing unique insight into what it feels like to care for a premature baby at hospital and at home, and offers empathy and reassurance every step of the way.

Authoritative, yet warm and accessible, the book demystifies the experience of caring for a premature baby and provides positive advice. It covers what to expect in the SCBU, the practicalities of taking your baby home, medical complications that can occur, and what the future may hold in terms of development and health. The book is packed with practical advice to help your baby thrive and flourish; it includes innovative and tried-and-tested ways to bond with your baby in hospital, tips on developing a healthy feeding pattern, and ways to encourage your baby's development. It also focuses on how you may be feeling, discussing in detail the emotions that you may feel at different times, and offers positive tips for handling having to revise your hopes and plans.