Eyewitness Companions: Astrology

eBook cover of Eyewitness Companions: Astrology

Published by DK

By Derek Parker, Julia Parker

RRP: CA$15.99

About Eyewitness Companions: Astrology

The ancient art of astrology continues to fascinate. In this highly illustrated guide, bestselling authors Derek and Julia Parker bring the wisdom of the heavens to every aspect of your life. Using a unique visual style, this comprehensive guide separates "real" astrology from trendy, tabloid-style pieces, and shows how to make the best use of the age-old technique.

In addition to practical advice, Astrology also traces the history of the practice, how the art has been employed in both science and religion, and reveals its importance throughout the ages. This informative manual explains how to recognize the key characteristics of all the signs of the Zodiac Astrological tables, details the positions of the planets from 1931 through 2010, showing you how to draw up your own and other people's birth charts to interpret the influence of the planets and moon on your life, character, and relationships. Accessible for complete beginners, while still being informative enough for those with an established interest in the subject, this guide teaches you how to unlock incredible insights into your personality and help unleash your potential.