Essential Back Care

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Published by DK

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About Essential Back Care

Essential Back Care is the essential self-help guide to recognizing, treating, and preventing back injuries, providing authoritative and constructive information and advice on a health problem that affects most people at some point in their lives.

The opening section describes the anatomy of your back clearly and simply. Profiling a range of common ailments, it explains how and why injuries occur, including causal factors such as genetic make-up and age, poor posture and movement, work, and common daily activities.

The second section offers a considered and insightful overview of the treatments for back pain, including a balanced assessment of the various options available, arming you with everything you need to make an informed choice when seeking medical advice or considering a range of conventional and complementary treatments.

The third and fourth sections provide no-nonsense advice on preventing injury and reducing your risk of future problems. The third combines invaluable instruction on making changes to your posture and movement with a range of practical strategies to help you to relieve the day-to-day burden of back pain and cope with common, everyday activities that non-sufferers take for granted. The fourth guides you step-by-step through a selection of easy-to-follow exercises, which will improve your mobility, flexibility, core stability, and strength, to help treat an existing condition or reduce your chances of future injury.

Comprehensive, informative, and authoritative, Essential Back Care is the ideal guide for anyone with back pain who wants to take an active role in their health care.