DK Eyewitness Books: Eagle & Birds of Prey

eBook cover of DK Eyewitness Books: Eagle & Birds of Prey

Published by DK Children

By Jemima Parry-Jones

RRP: CA$10.99

About DK Eyewitness Books: Eagle & Birds of Prey

With wingspans that can measure upward of seven feet, huge hooked beaks, and a reputation for their quiet elegance in the air, eagles remain one of the most impressive birds of prey in the world. In this new guide, brilliant full-color photographs give the reader an "eyewitness" view of the world of eagles, vultures, hawks, kites, owls, falcons, and other birds of prey. See a secretary bird stamping on a snake, a kestrel hovering in midair, a tawny eagle in flight across the page, and a burrowing owl coming out of its burrow. Learn what an eagle''s bones and muscles look like, how falconers train hawks, falcons, and other birds, what steppe eagles eat in winter, and how Harris'' hawks hunt in teams. Discover how an alula helps birds to fly, which bird of prey has talons as big as a grizzly bear''s claws, how vultures can fly for hours with scarcely a flap of their wings, and much, much more.
Discover the world of birds of prey how they grow, fly, live, and hunt