Connoisseur's Sex Guide

eBook cover of Connoisseur's Sex Guide

Published by DK

By Anne Hooper

RRP: CA$9.99

About Connoisseur's Sex Guide

This exciting, adventurous guide is the perfect manual for couples looking for new ideas to vary and expand their sexual repertoire. Packed with tasteful, erotic photography and advice on how to use each specific sexual technique, this is the ideal book for advanced and intrepid lovers. If you and your partner have already gone through the other sex manuals out there, and are looking drop an even spicier element into your sex life, the Connoisseur's Sex Guide is certain to be just what the doctor ordered.

Celebrated sex author Anne Hooper skips the foreplay and plunges deep into the spiciest, most eye-popping sexual techniques you've ever (and never) heard of. With 30 advanced erotic positions in full-color detail, expert-level advice for achieving them yourselves, and even a special "Safe Hands" approach included for less experienced lovers who want to take things a little further, the only question that remains is: Are you ready to take your sexual repertoire to a new level?