Sex Q & A

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By Anne Hooper

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About Sex Q & A

Sex is like a magnet. Everyone, whether they are enjoying a time of celibacy or in the throes of a blissful sexual relationship, wants to know more about it! In Sex Q & A world-renowned therapist Anne Hooper draws on her expertise to provide frank, explicit, and reassuring answers tothe hundreds of questions we all have. Anne answers questions that are specificto men, women, single people, and couples. Whether you have questions about technique (How do I give oral sex?), or you are concerned with emotional matters (How can I learn to trust my partner?), Sex Q & A relieves anxiety, increases knowledge, and ultimately improves everyone''s experience of lovemaking. Sex Q & A is packed with erotic tips on the hottest sex games, toys, fantasies, and techniques to entice your lover, increase pleasure, and deepen intimacy. It also has psychological quizzes to help you discover more about each other''s preferences, knowledge, and attitudes. With answers to questions about safe sex, gay sex, and sex in pregnancy, Anne Hooper''s Sex Q & A opens the door to a happy and fulfilling sex life for everyone.