eBook cover of Birds

Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$6.99

About Birds

From toucans to tawny owls, Look Closer provides a birds''-eye view of wildlife! It''s brimming with detailed information on birds''habitats, diet, and sizes, as well as being filled with fun bird facts.

Stunning, close-up pictures and lively, accessible text present the birds in a vibrant form that''s ideal for the age-range. Every spread includes an illustrated guide and the series neatly groups wildlife, making the books an ideal reference for schools.

See an oystercatcher''s amazing beak or find out how a woodpecker gets his dinner - Look Closer books let you get really close to wildlife. There''s alsoLook Closer Bugs, Reptiles or Sea Creatures in the series - why not take a second look!
A close up look of our feathered friends