Your Toddler Month by Month

eBook cover of Your Toddler Month by Month

Published by DK

By Tanya Byron

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About Your Toddler Month by Month

Survive the terrible twos and raise a little angel with Tanya Byron, star of Little Angels and the BBC’s House of Tiny Tearaways.

House of Tiny Tearaways, Dr Tanya Bryon’s loving and child-centred approach gives you the know-how to understand your toddler’s needs and adapt your parenting style accordingly to each stage of development.

From toilet training to the ‘terrible twos’, enjoying play to preparing for nursery school, with invaluable advice on tantrums, routines and establishing boundaries, Dr Tanya Bryon tells you everything you need to know, month by month, to raise a happy confident child.

Find out what works best for you and your child – and turn your ‘terrible two’ into a little angel.