Take Me to Your Leader

eBook cover of Take Me to Your Leader

Published by DK

By Ian Harrison

RRP: CA$15.99

About Take Me to Your Leader

From pictures of dressed-up dogs to Bond Girls, and extreme sports to extreme weather, Take Me To Your Leader is packed with information that is curious, compelling, intriguing, and indispensable. With its innovative visual take on trivia, pop culture, and strange-but-true tales, this is an exciting, original, and hilarious look at humans and the world they've created.

Ian Harrison is a part-time inventor and the author of numerous books on a variety of subjects ranging from ancient battlefields to modern inventions. His books have been translated into numerous languages, including Dutch, French, Norwegian, South Korean, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, and Estonian. The Book of Firsts, which was published in hardback in 2003, has sold over 100,000 copies and been translated into 14 languages. Illustrated by some of today's hottest illustrators and featuring specially commissioned artworks and photographs. It contains things you need to know and a lot you probably don't, but interesting anyway. The ideal gift book for list-lovers and trivia hounds. Associated websites link features in the book to the internet. It covers everything from urban myths to the best and worst of pop, rock, sports, and politics.