Hardback cover of Morimoto

Published by DK

By Masaharu Morimoto

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About Morimoto

"Morimoto is a rock star, an icon figure in Asian Fusion, an original atop a heap of imitators, and like a rock star, one of the only chefs-maybe the ONLY chef-who needs just one name. Accept no substitutes!"- Anthony Bourdain

"Just like in his genius restaurants in Philly and NYC, where the food is juicy, provocative, and a wild fun house in my mouth, Morimoto makes revolutionary food simple to prepare in this excellent and inspired book."- Mario Batali

"When I got to know Chef Morimoto, I understood that besides cooking with your brain, your heart, and your hands, you can also cook with your soul."- Ferran Adria

Morimoto's cooking has distinctive Japanese roots, yet it's actually, as the chef calls it, "global cooking for the 21st century." Morimoto's unique cuisine is characterized by beautiful Japanese color combinations and aromas, while the preparation infuses multicultural influences such as traditional Chinese spices and simple Italian ingredients, presented in a refined French style. Bringing all these elements home, with helpful step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photography, this accessible book explains Chef Morimoto's cooking techniques and plating philosophies and brings Japanese cooking to your own home.

Chef Morimoto has been the Japanese Iron Chef on the Food Network's weekly show, "Iron Chef," and its spinoff "Iron Chef America," since 1999. The show airs in the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, and Hong Kong. Formerly the Executive Chef of the Sony Club and Nobu, Chef Morimoto now has his own restaurants in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, and Mumbai, and also created his own brand of sake and beer.