Agnes and the Sheep

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Published by DK Children

By Elle Rowley

Illustrated by Clare Therese Gray

RRP: CA$22.99

About Agnes and the Sheep

Follow Agnes the Great Dane in this charming picture book, who tries to keep three mischievous sheep out of trouble

This entertaining story tells the tale of a Great Dane called Agnes, who is left in charge of the farm and has to keep everything in order. But when three troublesome sheep want to escape the farm, can Agnes stop them? 

Agnes and the Sheep is an engaging tale for 3-5 year-olds, teaching an important message about how comparing yourself to others won’t bring happiness. Children can engage in the bright and beautiful pages of this picture book and follow the amusing story alongside vibrant illustrations of farm animals.

The heartwarming story of Agnes and the Sheep features:

- 32 pages of charming animal illustrations
- Easy-to-follow text for little ones to engage with
- A real-life experience from Elle Rowley’s life that inspired the plot
- An amusing storyline that teaches an important lesson to little ones

This adorable baby book makes the perfect bedtime story, as little ones follow Fern, Flax, and Baa Baa the sheep who escape the farm to find the brightest, greenest plants they have ever seen…

Parents and children can follow this fun story together, that teaches little ones that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Agnes and the Sheep is the perfect addition to an animal lover’s book collection!