The Bear and the Bird: Bluebird (title tbc)

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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$16.99

About The Bear and the Bird: Bluebird (title tbc)

Take your toddler on a fascinating forest adventure with this adorable baby board book! 

The snowflakes are starting to fall in the forest. Winter is on its way and it’s almost time for the animals to hibernate. They set out into the freezing forest to collect food, but Huxley the bear is really hungry and wants to keep it all to himself. Is there enough food for everyone? 

Perfect for teaching little readers about kindness, sharing and friendship, this children’s picture book is packed with:

   • 12 captivating illustrated spreads to accompany the enchanting narrative text.
   • Beautiful, distinctive illustrations by popular artist Jonny Lambert.
   • Large format and sturdy pages make this book perfect for adults and kids to share.

This beautifully illustrated animal book for toddlers follows Huxley, Bluebird and their friends as they assemble as many juicy berries as they can to get them through the long winter ahead. Huxley starts to get greedy, Bluebird sees this and tries to encourage Huxley to share all the delicious food with the rest of the animals. Will he ever learn to share?

The first book in a beautiful series, Bear and Bird: Learning to Share, teaches children vital life lessons about friendship and sharing with others, and gently introduces them to the idea of hibernation as well. It’s a magical bedtime storybook that will be cherished for years to come! 

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