How to Garden When You Rent

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Published by DK

By Matthew Pottage

RRP: CA$25.99

About How to Garden When You Rent

Transform your garden into your own and feel at home even when you are renting.

Your outdoor space does not need to look dull when you are renting your home. You can still brighten it up with a tailored gardening guide designed especially for your gardening needs. 

Find some gardening inspiration! This simple, easy-to-follow gardening book will help you achieve an impressive garden. Inside, you’ll find:

   • Three central chapters focus on different rental lease lengths, each showcasing key plant types.
   • Gallery of inspirational ideas for front and back gardens, balconies and patios, and any other available outdoor spaces the reader can plant up and enjoy.
   • Essential planning chapter to encourage readers to identify what they can achieve in their rental garden, how much time they have to make it happen, and how much money they want to spend.
   • "Working with the Seasons" guide to help readers identify what they can do as soon as they move in, depending on the season they start their lease.
   • Maintenance chapter showing renters how to keep their garden in good shape (including weeding, cleaning and pruning know-how), so that they can enjoy the garden they now have and feel confident that they can get their deposit back when they leave.

Your garden will look beautiful and cared for, and your landlord will be impressed with how healthy and lush your plants look! This must-have gardening reference book is packed with plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques for good gardening maintenance. 

Creating a magnificent garden oasis is achievable and cost-effective with this book about gardening. Discover ways of turning even the most unloved balcony, yard, or urban garden into a lush, welcoming space that you, your roommates and your friends can enjoy for as long as you choose to live there.

How to Garden When You Rent will appeal to renters of all ages who want to make the most of their outdoor space, no matter how long they intend to enjoy it. It is also great for landlords interested in encouraging their tenants to tend to their gardens and keep them in shape.