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Published by DK

Foreword by Katie Derham

RRP: CA$32.00

"It really is a fantastic book."

Steve Wright BBC Radio 2

"An engaging and informative read."

BBC Music Magazine

"If you enjoy classical music and want to know more, <i>The Classical Music Book</i> is for you."

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About The Classical Music Book

Who wrote the first true "opera"? Where did the system of musical notation come from? How do composers construct symphonies?

The Classical Music Book answers these questions and more by exploring the history of classical music in clear and easy-to-follow sections. More than 90 works by famous composers are analyzed, with explanations of their music theory and impact on society. You will also explore the fascinating stories about the lives of crucial composers and performers.

Covering Thomas Tallis in the early period, baroque masters like Bach and Handel, and the classical genius of Beethoven and Wagner all the way to the modern-day composers, this comprehensive book explores the key ideas rooted in the world's greatest classical compositions and musical traditions. The importance of each composition is explained, placing them into their wider social, cultural, and historical context.

With its unique approach to the subject, this the perfect classical music guide for everyone. Regardless of whether you are relatively new to the subject or if you are a classical music aficionado, there is plenty to discover on every page.

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