Movies for Mommies Top Picks for 2019

Each month we are thrilled to have our latest titles for preschoolers (and grown-ups) shared at Movies for Mommies screenings coast to coast!

This year we asked the Movies for Mommies owners to each select their top picks from 2019's shortlist of Books of the Month and we are delighted to share them with you here.

If you are looking for a book to give a new parent—or your favourite preschooler—these come recommended from moms who know!

Movies for Mommies

Here are Movies for Mommies top picks from 2019:

The Soup Book

"We loved The Soup Book. We have made so many soups in this book. It has become a part of our weekly routine. The kids pick a soup, then we buy the ingredients and make it all together. Thank you for such great recipes and memories!"

—Lisa Kvapil, Owner, Movies for Mommies Toronto

Make hearty, wholesome, and healthy soups all year round with The Soup Book. Try winter warmers such as parsnip and apple soup or French onion soup, enjoy a light summer lunch of chilled cucumber soup with dill, and make a hearty borscht or pumpkin soup in autumn!

My First Busy Jobs & Press and Play Noisy Animals

"Our family really enjoyed My First Busy Jobs. The  book has real-life pictures. Which I found to be more interesting and captivating for myself and the little ones. We also enjoyed Noisy Animals as all three of my kids have always gravitated towards animals. Learning the animal sounds was fun for the whole family!"

—Laura Wilson, Owner, Movies for Mommies Brampton

My First Busy Jobs is the perfect way for inquisitive babies and toddlers to explore jobs people do. With lots of fun-filled pictures, things to name and talk about, as well as simple questions and activities, this baby book about jobs people do is ideal for preschool learning. 

With six high-quality animal sounds to press and count, easy-to-grip tabbed pages, and lots of cute animals to meet, Press and Play Noisy Animals will appeal to young children and encourage early learning skills.

DK Eyewitness Canada

"We loved the new DK Eyewitness Canada. Each summer we explore parts of Canada, and my girls and I loved looking through this book and planning our next adventure!"

—Jennie Vessey, Owner, Movies for Mommies Saskatoon and Regina

Discover Canada with this essential travel guide, designed to help you create your own unique trip and transport you to this incredible country before you've even packed your suitcase. Marvel at the magnificent thundering waterfalls of Niagara Falls, hike through spectacular scenery in Banff National Park, or wander among the skyscrapers of Toronto. DK Eyewitness Canada covers the must-see attractions and hidden sights, so you won't miss a thing.

Naturally Sweet Baking

"We were big fans of the Naturally Sweet Baking book. As a mom of three growing boys, there can never be enough desserts, but it is great to bake the natural way. A great choice for better health!"

—E-J Walker, Owner, Movies for Mommies Oakville ON

With Naturally Sweet Baking, discover how to bake more than 70 delicious low-sugar and sugar-free recipes, including healthier versions of favourites such as carrot cake, muffins, gingerbread, and hot cross buns. Every recipe tempts with a stunning photo of the finished cake or bake!

100 First Things That Go

"We really loved the First 100 Things that Go! What a great tool to teach my little man about so many exciting things to discover in the world! Thanks DK—we had so much fun!"

—Annie Novoa, Owner, Movies for Mommies West Vancouver

Word labels encourage naming and picture-and-word association, building language and reading readiness, while the colourful, look-and-point pictures are a visual treat, making this an attractive baby gift. Cleverly designed to inform and entertain, 100 First Things That Go takes your baby on an exciting learning adventure.

Yoga for Everyone

"There can never be enough yoga, and we loved the Yoga for Everyone book. Kids are never too young to try to focus, relax, and stretch. We made it a weekend family must-do!"

—Robyn Green, Founder and CEO, Movies for Mommies Canada

Yoga for Everyone offers yoga for everyone: big, small, elderly, pregnant, disabled—everyone. No matter who you are, you can do all 50 poses in this book. And then you can perform all 16 sequences, which combine different poses into one singular experience that focuses on specific physical and mental benefits!

Movies for Mommies

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