Guest Post

7-Day Minimalism Challenge for Beginners

One week to a clearer, calmer you.

Want to try minimalism but not sure where to start? Dip your toe into a decluttered lifestyle with this 1-week challenge, an excerpt from the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge available in Less: A Visual Guide To Minimalism by Rachel Aust. 

Guest post by Rachel Aust

Let’s start off with the basics: what is minimalism?

I feel like many people hear the word “minimalism” and get the idea that it means living in a shoebox apartment and only owning 1 spoon. Well, not quite.

Minimalism is…

…unsubscribing from the idea that how much you own equates to your level of happiness.

…letting go of the unnecessary.

…the removal of distractions.

…a way to reclaim your time.

…an intentional way of living that allows you to identify what’s important to you.



So if you’re ready to find more time for the things you love, declutter your wardrobe and find your true style, learn to spend intentionally in order to keep more of your hard-earned cash, and much more, give this 7 day challenge a try.

Day 1

Define your personal style

What is it that makes you, you? What do you love, and more importantly, what do you dislike? This process should be about paring down and identifying how you want to express your authentic self.

Day 2

Set aside 20 minutes just for cleaning – then repeat daily

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a mammoth task set aside for one day of the week. Allocate 20 minutes per household member to clean each day. Minimalism will allow you to free up your schedule and organise your time more efficiently. 

Day 3

Check your bank debits or any old recurring payments

You’d be surprised about the small payments which you may not notice leaving your bank account. If you don’t already, spend today tracking all the payments that leave your account, and add up monthly totals so you can see where your earnings go.

Day 4

Set one long-term goal in each of these categories...

... health, finance, happiness, and knowledge. It’s time to figure out what you’re working towards.

Day 5

Digitize as many paper documents as possible

Scan, photograph, or use a mobile app to keep them digitally and only keep the essential paper documents.

Day 6

Declutter your makeup, skincare, and hair care products

If they haven’t been used in more than 2 months, it’s probably time for them to go.

Day 7

Spend a day completely off social media

It’s easy to stay connected for all waking hours. Intentionally spend this day signed out of your social media accounts. You’ll be surprised by how much longer you can concentrate and how much more you’ll get done this day!

This 7-day challenge is an excerpt from the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge available in Less: A Visual Guide To Minimalism. Less is a full-colour illustrated guide which will help you get rid of the junk from your home and your mind through decluttering diagrams and easy-to-apply principles. Reclaim your time, learn what’s important to you, and achieve clarity in your newly clutter-free environment.

About the author

Rachel Aust is a fitness, health, and lifestyle YouTuber who shares her knowledge on a self-titled channel with nearly 600,000 subscribers. Her topics range from the highly popular Minimalism Series to fitness, lifestyle, beauty, and health. A jack-of-all-trades from Brisbane, Australia, she also works as a photographer, shooting fashion, beauty, food, and advertising campaigns. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram, or on her website at: