5 Tips From Calm Mindfulness Flash Cards For Kids

Breathe in...and breathe out. Mindfulness can encourage kindness and help children to manage their emotions. Here are 5 engaging tips from our Calm Mindfulness Flash Cards, these are the perfect way to introduce children to mindful practices!

Open and hug practice

Let your body help you feel love and care. Try giving yourself a hug as a reminder to care for yourself. Sit tall and spread your arms wide. Look up slightly and breathe in. Breathe out and wrap your arms around yourself for a hug. Tuck your chin in as you look down. Close your eyes if you wish.

Yawn to reset

At times, we can all feel down. Maybe our emotions are stuck on sad, nervous, disappointed, or mad. It can be hard to figure out what we need. A yawn to reset might help. You can also try spreading your fingers and hands, and doing a big stretch while yawning. Reach your arms wide. Your eyes might close as you open your mouth to breathe in. After you yawn, gently relax your arms down and take a moment to notice how you are feeling.

Rainbow breath

Matching your movement to your breath can either give you more energy or steady your mind and body. Stand tall and still Let your shoulders relax and your arms hang by your sides. Breathe in as you raise your arms wide. Then reach high and let your palms turn to face each other. Let your hands float down as you breathe out. Keep your arms straight and imagine you are drawing a rainbow above you!

High-five breath

This is a handy practice to help you feel calm by paying attention to your breath. Matching mindful movement with your breathing can be calming. Take your time. Starting at the outside edge of your thumb, breathe in and use your index finger to trace up to the top. When you breathe out, slowly trace down the other side. Keep breathing in and out, tracing up and down for a total of five breaths until you reach the other side of your hand.

Heart and belly breath

Make a habit of pausing to become more aware of you. Mindfulness reminds you to think about, and connect with, yourself. Check in on you. Place one hand over your heart and the other on your belly. Feel your breath moving and maybe your heart beating. Thoughts and emotions might pop into your mind. Simply notice them and refocus on your body.