5 Reasons The Memory Activity Book is Right For You and Your Loved One

Discover more about this essential companion

The Memory Activity Book is an invaluable resource packed with stimulating activities for people with memory impairment. Take a peek inside the book below and discover why this brand-new guide is a reliable companion for anyone navigating the challenging world of memory loss and dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. 


It’s practical

Based on rigorous dementia research, this book is packed with practical projects and activity suggestions that you can get started on right now. It also outlines the mental and physical benefits of each activity, so you can choose the most appropriate ones based on individual symptoms and needs.

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It’s packed with ideas

Inspiration is endless here! From crafts and games to exercise ideas, the book includes more than 70 brain-stimulating activities, as well as suggestions on how to adapt the activities for different stages and abilities. 

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It’s easy to use

Step-by-step instructions and examples guide you through each activity, so there are no barriers to reaping the benefits of a stimulating craft or hobby. 

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It’s visual and engaging

Packed with full-colour photography throughout, the book is a pleasure to use as a reference or as a regular part of wider dementia care. Visual tips and hints make it easy to jump right in.

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It’s designed for everyone

The book includes two sections for each activity: one that a person with dementia or memory loss themselves can safely engage and interact with; and another for relatives, friends, and carers, which includes added guidance and information on possible reactions and intended benefits.

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