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Upcycle Your Way Into Spring With These 4 Craft Projects

Upcycle Your Way Into Spring With These 4 Craft Projects

Spring is a time of re-birth and new beginnings, both for nature and for your home. During this year’s spring cleaning, think twice before tossing out that old lamp or piece of material – with some fresh ideas, it could be reborn as something beautiful.

Find inspiration with these four crafty projects, all taken from Supercraft - easy craft projects for every weekend.

1. Eggshell Easter Candles



These candles will enliven any table, and look great alongside a delicious Easter meal. For an extra pop of color, try using dyed eggshells! 

Time needed: 30 minutes + drying/hardening time

You will need:

  • empty eggshells
  • candle wax (or old candle remnants)
  • saucepan
  • egg carton
  • wicks


Thoroughly clean the empty eggshells and let them dry. Heat the candle wax in a saucepan over a low heat until it melts. Put the eggs into an egg carton and carefully pour in the liquid wax. As soon as the wax begins to solidify, stick a piece of wick into the center of the egg, so it reaches the bottom. Allow to completely harden, encouraging the wicks into the center of the shells from time to time.

2. Sunny lamp



This lovely warm yellow kitchen lamp will bring spring into every home. In a couple of simple steps, an old plain enamel shade can be transformed into a ceiling light that will keep the sun shining all year round.

3. Hand-bound travel diary



Planning a springtime trip? House your keepsakes in the pockets of a handmade travel diary. Made using the pages from an old atlas or book, it’s the perfect solution for keeping special mementoes safe and undamaged for years to come.

4. Polka dot shorts



Say goodbye to sweater weather and say hello to a spruced up pair of shorts. Give an old pair of denim shorts a make-over with the help of some household bleach.

The crafting doesn't have to stop with the season. Whether you’re looking for Easter activities, garden ideas, or quick and clever hacks, the projects in Supercraft will keep you busy all year long. It’s chockfull of DIY inspiration, and crafts that are both useful and beautiful.



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