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Build a Bug Hotel

Build a Bug Hotel

Insects need shelter in the winter – somewhere safe, warm and dry. Recycle scrap wood and natural items into a bug hotel. In spring the bugs will repay you by pollinating your plants. Download the PDF for the full instructions but for handy reference here's what you'll need and what to do below. 

What you need:

Pine cones
Teasel heads
Drilled wood blocks
Dry branches
Wooden frame

What to do:

Ask an adult to help you use some scrap wood, such as pallets, to construct a frame for your hotel. Ours is a big rectangle, but yours can be any size or shape.

Insert stems, canes, fir cones, drilled blocks of wood – any items that fit and contain crawl spaces for insects.

Pick a site for your hotel. Make sure it’s in a sheltered location, facing southeast or southwest, if at all possible.

Hang it on a wall, or put it next to one at ground level. Cover all the compartments with wire mesh for more stability if you like.

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